Start your quest toward toilet paper in this epic RPG while outside is a serious situation. Sit and relax in your home and play Toilet Paper Wars!


There is a pandemic raging around the world, and experts say it's important to stay at home. The question is, what to do when you eat the last cookie in the jar or spend all the toilet paper? You need to go to the supermarket for an epic fight for the groceries and fill your pantry. Be prepared for anything even for a dirty fight with your opponents, because everyone in the store wants the same as you want… toilet paper and groceries.


In order to win the desired prize, you will need to finish three stages by beating the enemy. Once you beat the last enemy, you achieve an item for your pantry. That item can be a can of beans or a pack of toilet paper. Make sure that your pantry is always full! You need to be good in your fights because there is a daily limit on those prizes! You can win three prizes a day. You raise the odds for special rewards playing the game and getting the best results.


In other RPG's you fight in epic arenas with swords and magic. But in Toilet Paper Wars, you fight inside a dark supermarket where the mob already took everything. Well, almost everything! It is only up to you to make sure you have a full pantry!


Use whatever comes at hand so that you can win that toilet paper! You can throw cans of beans or a bag of flour at your enemies. Remember, there are no rules in love and war! The only thing that you need to worry about is with what you will wipe your butt. Defeat your opponents three times and secure your groceries. It can be toilet paper or disinfectant, it all depends on what the store has at that moment.


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